Over 100 buses in the Go-Ahead London fleet are now equipped with 21st Century Technology SmartVision rear view cameras. They are spread across five of the operator’s depots, with 62 of them being at Northumberland Park garage.

The SmartVision system uses high-definition cameras to improve the driver’s view, says 21st Century. That reduces the number of accidents and incidents. It also cuts the lifetime running costs of the vehicle. The cameras are mounted within low-profile, weatherproof housings, which removes the risk of collisions between mirrors and road users, street furniture and trees.

Go-Ahead London Engineering Director Richard Harrington says: “I have been impressed with version two of SmartVision. It provides drivers with a digital overlay to give them context as to the position of the bus through the enhanced view in the monitors on both sides.”

Staff have accepted the new technology well and it “remains on my vehicle specification,” adds Mr Harrington. 21st Century has supported work with drivers by delivering presentations and training on the SmartVision system.

The cameras deliver images to high-resolution in-cab monitors. They provide superior Class II and Class IV wide-angle views via a split-screen display.

In addition, the cameras adjust automatically to maintain image quality in all lighting conditions. Glare from the sun is removed during the day, and from other vehicles’ headlights at night. Software removes distortion from raindrops or dirt on the lens.

21st Century developed the product in readiness for Transport for London’s Vision Zero action plan. That aims to remove all deaths and serious injuries from the capital’s transport network by 2041.

SmartVision was the first camera monitoring system to be available that is Vehicle Certification Agency approved for use on UK roads. There are hopes that retrofit approval will be gained from the Department for Transport and DVSA.