Bristol on way to being ‘gas capital’ with new filling station

A new gas bus filling station has opened in Bristol.

The biomethane station, at the Bristol Community Transport (BCT) depot in Bedminster, will be used to fuel buses on the M1 Metrobus route, operated under contract to First West of England.

The new station represents a £960,000 investment by First West of England, supported by the Low Emission Bus Fund.

The operator’s gas fleet has been fuelled by a temporary station since it came into service in January. First West of England has ordered a further 77 new biomethane buses, for delivery over the next few months, and has plans for a second, larger gas filling station.

The gas is supplied by the Gas Bus Alliance (GBA).

First West of England’s MD James Freeman says: “We’re taking meaningful steps to clean up the city’s air. That’s why we’re making significant investments to bring a fleet of biomethane gas buses into Bristol, building on the legacy of the famous ‘poo bus’.

“Bristol could soon be the country’s biomethane gas bus capital.”

Dai Powell, Chief Executive of HCT Group, the parent organisation of BCT, says: “We believe in the power of public transport to make a difference, getting people out of their cars, reducing congestion and fossil fuel use.

“This impact will always be limited if the buses themselves are still contributing to the problem.

“The launch of this biogas filling station shows that it is practical and economical to make a low-carbon choice, reducing emissions and doing our part in the climate emergency.”

Cllr Kye Dudd, Bristol City Council Cabinet member for Energy and Transport, says: “Last year we declared a climate emergency. As a city we are moving quickly to improve air quality and we will do this in the shortest possible time.

“Working in partnership with First West of England and Bristol Community Transport on projects like this leads the way in reducing vehicle pollution on our roads.”

West of England Mayor Tim Bowles says: “It’s great to see this new gas bus filling station open, as part of our aim to help reduce congestion, improve air quality and keep people moving. It supports my ambition to improve public transport in the region, giving people more sustainable ways to travel.”