Irizar Group offers more COVID-19 protective measures


Irizar Group has continued its work to provide protective measures for drivers and passengers during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic with the unveiling of two new products.

One allows the automatic screening of passengers before they board. The other enables a thorough disinfecting of vehicles between shifts.

Passenger screening is done using a smart camera system mounted in the entrance (pictured). It checks them for a temperature of above 37 degrees centigrade and uses technology to detect the presence of a face covering. People with a fever, or those without a face covering, can then be prevented from boarding.

The camera system is suitable for installation on all coaches and buses, regardless of manufacturer.

For interior treatment, a permanently installed inlet on the vehicle is connected to an external nebuliser that fills the saloon with a disinfectant fog. Irizar UK is currently examining whether the inlet can be retrofitted to existing Irizar coaches. It can be fitted to new-build models as a factory option.

The ‘fogging’ process is fully automated, so it is not necessary for anyone to enter the vehicle while it is underway. Treatment takes between 15 and 30 minutes and the vehicle is ready for further use in three or four hours.

The new protective measures complement earlier developments from Irizar for the purposes of onboard safety.

In May it unveiled an interior separation and screening system for its i4, i6, i6S and i8 coaches. Irizar also offers the Eco3 ioniser, which can be fitted to any coach equipped with air-conditioning. The Eco3 produces ions and ozone in the correct proportions to disinfect the air within the coach.

Irizar adds that a further reduction in the risk of virus transmission can be introduced by running the air-conditioning or climate control system with the inlet fully open. The air within the coach will then be fully renewed every three to six minutes.