National coach marketing campaign set for TV in January 2022

National coach marketing campaign to launch in January 2022

The national marketing campaign to promote the coach industry that was conceived earlier this year will launch with television advertising in January 2022.

Called ‘Get Back on Board’, the campaign aims to promote travelling by coach around the UK and to highlight the benefits of the mode more widely, without focusing on a particular operator or region. Among the positives that will come under the spotlight are access to attractions and destinations and trips to towns and city centres.

The work has been funded by coach operators, the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) and CoachMarque. An advertising agency is under contract to coordinate the campaign. Filming is expected to take place before Christmas and the advert “will be set against the backdrop of modern, comfortable coaches,” says the Confederation.

CPT adds that the timing should coincide with a time of year when operators see an increase in bookings. The exercise is thus “an opportunity to capture the attention of people who may be considering where to go for their summer holidays and short breaks throughout the coming year.”

Coaching Manager Phil Smith has worked closely with operators in creating the campaign. He says: “I am delighted to announce that the coach industry is about to deliver the first ever nationwide campaign that promotes the benefits of travelling by coach.

Nationwide coach marketing campaign to start in January 2022
Many operators have contributed to the national coach marketing campaign ahead of its commencement on television in January 2022

“Get Back on Board is an industry-wide campaign. Via TV advertising it is aimed to raise awareness of the positive experiences that coach travel offers more broadly and showcase leisure trips that people can take by coach.

“The UK saw a boom in domestic tourism this summer, and with more people travelling by coach the campaign can continue to drive this momentum.”

CPT adds that operators who wish to become involved with the work can still do so by contacting Mr Smith via email.