PPG introduces new premium high build binder to its Turbo Vision paint line

PPG p650-1010 high build binder

PPG has introduced the P650-1010 premium high build binder to its Nexa Autocolor Turbo Vision commercial transport paint line.

It is the fourth in a series of binders, and the latest addition provides a dedicated solution for sharp edges and complex shaped vehicles.

PPG says that, while being a dedicated solution, it is also benefits of being part of the compact, modular Turbo Vision paint system, which is designed to give its users “flexibility and versatility across a wide variety of commercial vehicle applications.”

Launched at the end of 2017 as a follow up to the Nexa Autocolor EHS Turbo Plus paint line, PPG adds that Turbo Vision offers “significant enhancements through innovation, process optimisation and colour excellence.”

Says former Product Platform Manager EMEA at PPG Automotive Refinish and current Marketing Director CEMTA Ignasi Roig: “The commercial transportation industry wants innovative products that deliver quality and productivity. Within the last three years, customers all over Europe have confirmed that the simplification to a two-pack binder-toner system has made Nexa Autocolor’s product offer for commercial vehicles more user-friendly, highlighting as well the excellent colour accuracy and capability of the new platform.”

PPG says its ongoing commitment to colour excellence and product innovation was key to launching the P650-1010 premium high build binder.

With it, commercial vehicle manufacturers and builders have the opportunity to achieve a high-quality gloss finish, which on top offers an excellent sharp edges and complex shapes coverage.

P650-1000 premium high flow binder is suitable on vehicles with large flat surface areas such as coaches, buses, vans and cabs.

“The P650-6000 Premium Matt binder empowers all targets to create a full range of gloss levels, from deep matt to semi-gloss, if mixed with any of the two other premium binders,” adds PPG. “Beyond delivering superb finishes, both the premium high flow binder and premium high build binder help to maximise efficiency with fast-drying properties that reduce bake time and energy consumption while maintaining excellent hold-out.”

The company says Turbo Vision is also exceptionally hard after bake, meaning parts can be installed immediately rather than waiting for the coating to cure overnight.

The new P650-1010 premium high build binder is available now.