German e-mobility specialist Quantron has lifted the lid on its 12m zero-emission single-decker bus, Cizaris.

The launch took place digitally and was hosted between CEO of Quantron Michael Perschke, and Quantron founder and Chairman of the Board Andreas Haller.

The Cizaris will be positioned as a “European standard city bus” with flexible models and options to accommodate needs in different markets. It has already been promised in right-hand drive format and is available to order in battery-electric vehicle (BEV) form, with fuel cell-electric versions to follow in 2023.

The vehicle utilises batteries and a drive train widely adopted in the Asian market. That includes lithium phosphate LiFePO4 chemistry from battery manufacturer CATL, delivering up to 422kW/h of onboard energy storage for a range up to 360km (according to the E-SORT2 test) and a central synchronous motor from Dana.

“It has proven its real ability over the last years and transported hundreds of thousands of passengers already,” says Mr Haller. “This bus will be on the market with a very attractive price value level. With the Cizaris we’ve reduced the price gap between diesel and BEV buses.”

Alexander Stucke, Head of Sales Bus as Quantron, reveals that in addition to working with leading suppliers for the manufacturer of items such as brakes, seats and batteries, safety has been prioritised, with every bus to be fitted with electronic mirrors, an onboard camera surveillance system and a “COVID prevantative” air filtration system.¬†Total capacity of 95 passengers was reaffirmed through models with 25-36 seats. Vehicles are fitted with a high-performance e-motor and modular battery system which promises long range and good energy consumption.

“Our purpose is to represent the zero-emission innovative paltform,” adds Mr Haller. “In addition we thought about what Quantron stands for and what values we express. After months of elaboration we came to the result of three values – reliable, energetic, and brave.

“This is what we are, what we are made of; these values have combined us for more than 140 years and we carry these attributes forward, enhancing the power of our people guiding us to change the planet.”