Scania (Great Britain) opens community engagement scheme

Scania Community programme launched in Great Britain

Scania (Great Britain) has launched a programme called Scania Community. It will see the company open a partnership with charity Cancer Research UK and also support environmental charity The Wildlife Trust. In a third string to the scheme’s bow, Scania’s Milton Keynes UK support centre and its five operational regions – Scotland, North, East, South East and South West – will each support their own chosen regional charities.

A key part of Scania’s community engagement work is to encourage its over 1,500 UK employees to participate in charitable fundraising and volunteering activities. Scania will donate 7.5hrs of each staff member’s time to either a charity of their own choice, or to Scania’s charity partner Cancer Research UK.

Scania’s charities were selected via a nationwide poll of employees. Staff members were given various organisations to vote for in two categories that are what the company describes as “key pillars” in its Driving the Shift sustainability strategy – environment and sustainability.

Says Scania (Great Britain) Managing Director Martin Hay: “While Scania and its people around the UK have engaged in numerous charitable activities over the years, we have never before officially had a national charity partnership. We are delighted to begin a partnership with Cancer Research UK and put in place a fully coordinated programme of activities, encouraging our teams to get involved and to help make a difference.

“Now we are in a position to make significant contributions, both financially and in terms of volunteer time. An additional benefit for our employees is that they will have an opportunity to volunteer time to a charity of their choice with the full support of the company.

“As such, we are delighted to be embarking upon this unique initiative and very much look forward to engaging and interacting with all our chosen charities going forward.”