IRTE Skills Challenge the perfect platform for sponsor Premier Pits

Premier Pits

Prefabricated pit company Premier Pits considers its sponsorship of the IRTE Skills Challenge as the ideal opportunity to stay in close contact with the industry to understand how the sector is changing.

As the competition begins next week, Premier Pits knows no better platform to show the quality of its products than the IRTE Skills Challenge.

“For a lot of the competitors in the Skills Challenge, a pit is their home away from home. We see this as the perfect platform, not only to develop new relationships in the industry, but to get feedback from technicians on how we can continue to develop and improve our Premier Pits,” says Matt Dilley, Premier Pits Marketing Manager. “It’s also a great opportunity to showcase to operators how a Premier Pit can improve the efficacy of a workshop and provide technicians with a safe and comfortable environment to work in.”

Technicians will get an opportunity to use BrakeMate, a new product for the workshop that eliminates the lifting of heavy brake calipers, hubs and discs, and dramatically reduces downtime, during the testing stage of the competition.

“The IRTE Skills Challenge is a great opportunity to showcase BrakeMate. With the ever-increasing emphasis of health and safety while in workshops, the Skills Challenge is a great opportunity for technicians and workshop managers alike to see how BrakeMate can improve safety and run the workshop more efficiently,” adds Matt.

Premier Pits adapted quickly to COVID-19 restrictions last year to continue to install its pits in the UK and overseas and has continued to take orders from the rail sector.

“One of the major breakthroughs this year so far is our first international rail pit. We have installed rail pits here in the UK at Network Rail’s Holgate Depot, Heathrow Terminal 5 and Alstom Technology Centre. Now, we are delighted that our first international rail pit has been successfully installed at a Bane Nor depot in Norway,” says Matt.

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