South Wales Transport

Swansea operator South Wales Transport reports that two new Mercedes-Benz Tourismos, purchased in August 2019 as its first new vehicles, have delivered what it hoped for after over 10,000 miles in service.

They have turned in a “record” fuel saving over two comparable Euro V, 2013-registered coaches, with a significant increase in efficiency.

South Wales Transport carried out a detailed, like for like analysis of both pairs of coaches over the same 16-week period in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Predominantly the same drivers were used.

It says that the new Tourismos returned up to 4.3km per litre, or 12.1mpg. The older Euro V coaches were turning in around 8.6mpg on average.

Explains Director Bev Fowles: “Feedback from drivers and passengers has been excellent. We’re really seeing the benefit on our balance sheet. Additionally, as we are no longer paying the London ULEZ charge, we are pleased to pass the saving on to our customers.”

The new Tourismos are 12m, 53-seaters with a high specification. Each has a heated driver’s seat and LCD monitors with navigation displays.

One also has the Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star integrated into each synthetic leather headrest. Supplier EvoBus (UK) says that a rare fitting on Tourismos for this market. Both coaches are powered by the 10.7-litre OM 470 engine developing 390bhp coupled to ZF’s EcoLife gearbox.

Additionally, Active Brake Assist 4 with pedestrian detection is fitted. It complements a stability programme.

Mr Fowles also pays tribute to the supplier and its Area Sales Manager Gary Owen. “He appreciates the difficulties faced by small, family-owned operators when purchasing new vehicles.

“Both he and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services made the buying process seamless and bespoke to our requirements.”