Leeds CAZ: £1.79m will be awarded to coach and bus

Leeds City Council (LCC) has forecast that a total of £1.79m will be awarded to operators of non-scheduled coaches and buses to help them to comply with the city’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ). £64,000 of that has been paid so far, a report from LCC says.

Up to £16,000 per vehicle can be applied for by operators if qualifying criteria are met. Non-compliant vehicles will attract a daily charge once the CAZ goes live. It has been set at £50.

LCC now expects that to be “no earlier than 1 July 2020.” It was original set to be enacted on 6 January. Difficulties with systems and transferred responsibility from central government for some matters have led to the delay.

Birmingham’s CAZ was scheduled to begin on the same date. It has also been postponed for the same reason.

LCC will hold an Executive Board meeting held today (18 September). It is expected to approve a specialist LGV exemption to the Leeds CAZ. Several criteria must be satisfied. Among them are a cost of in excess of £200,000 to replace and an inability to be retrofitted to meet Euro 6 standards.

No further exemptions for coaches or buses have been proposed above the existing ones for “community minibuses”. Certain school buses will also be exempt. LCC will also enact “an intensive anti-idling campaign” to help tackle air quality.