Young coach and bus drivers

Young coach and bus drivers: A fresh approach?

How to attract young people as coach and bus drivers has long been a thorny topic. Before trying to address it, consider why they do...
Coach and bus industry

How can you help the coach and bus industry engage?

An example of the disjointed approach to the coach and bus industry from parts of government is the latest exemption to PSVAR. It is an...
Euro VI

Euro VI: Time to think seriously about it

It’s not what the industry wants to hear, but if your thoughts have not yet turned to Euro VI then they likely will need...
Coach Strategy

CPT Coach Strategy: Data sharing is data caring

Data is king. If you don’t do data, you’re not making best use of what is at hand to promote your business. Whether it’s targeting...
Bus industry social change

Bus industry needs to be onboard with social change

What does 2020 hold for the bus industry? Much of it hinges on Boris Johnson. Can he deliver on promises he made last year? Currently,...
General Election promises

General Election promises: Hold Boris to them

The General Election is over. But the fallout will influence the coach and bus industry for a long time, and in ways that cannot...
Stress test your business

Stress test your business: Don’t forget

Stress is no stranger to the coach and bus industry, and the General Election will do little to abate that. But stress among people...

Coach PSVAR: The industry’s big challenge

A coach dealership tells routeone that it recently sold a batch of well-used vehicles off scheduled work. They were of a type that until...
Buses and politicians

Don’t let politicians keep buses to themselves

The main political parties have published their manifestos. Predictably, buses are mentioned. It’s necessary to ignore the fluff of politicians to form a picture...
Emission control zones

Will emission control zones ultimately be a benefit?

That coaches and buses are captured by emission control zones is a source of annoyance to many. However, look at it from the other side....
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Liverpool bus franchising

Liverpool City Region bus franchising ‘leading option’

Papers release by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority have recommended that franchising is supported as “the emerging leading option” for bus services within...
FlixBus UK

FlixBus UK domestic coach network announced

FlixBus has announced plans to establish a domestic scheduled coach network in the UK during 2020. The news has been expected since the German...
Stagecoach SE

Stagecoach launches zero tolerance campaign on staff abuse

Operator takes a stand against verbal and physical abuse towards staff and customers Stagecoach South East (SE) has launched a zero tolerance campaign against hate...