Avoid public transport advice

Time for Westminster to drop advice to avoid public transport

Ever since the scale of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic became known, Boris Johnson and his government have wasted no opportunity to stress the need...
Home-to-school transport

Don’t forget commercial home-to-school transport…

Continued payment for contracted home-to-school transport remains a hot topic for the industry. And rightly so. For some operators, reimbursement at 100% of those...
Euro Bus Expo postponed

Postponed Euro Bus Expo allows attention to turn to 2021

News that Euro Bus Expo has been postponed to 2021 may have initially added to the downbeat feel that has gripped the industry since...

PSVAR: Government failures leave no hope of a solution

In a change from the previous norm, PSVAR in the coach industry now bubbles away relatively quietly in the background. Growing concerns around the...
Drivers COVID-19

Will older drivers want to return post-COVID-19?

Getting back to some semblance of normality is the industry’s holy grail of the moment. More passengers equals more vehicles in use equals more...
Social distancing

Social distancing: The elephant in the room

There is an elephant in the room that is going to affect every coach and bus operator in the land: Social distancing. Numerous calculations have...
School contract payments

School contract payments need to be maintained at 100%

Ongoing payments by local authorities (LAs) for home-to-school contract work should be one of the few reliable sources of income for operators under current...
Hydrogen fuel cell

Hydrogen fuel cell in coach and bus: Is its time here?

Perhaps just one conclusion can be drawn from developments in the past fortnight that does not concern coronavirus COVID-19. It is that hydrogen fuel...
coach leisure support

Approach to coach leisure support must change

Governments’ messages surrounding support for the coach and bus industry have been mixed since the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic broke. Some, such as the COVID-19...

Don’t fall into the short-term thinking trap

For many operators, it’s difficult to see more than a few days ahead. Some wonder whether they will still have a business then. Understandably...
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QPaths automates home-to-school assessements for LAs

QRoutes, a provider of software solutions to local authority (LA) transport planners, has launched QPaths. The new product will automate the assessment of children’s...

Warrington’s Own Buses takes 86 AirBubbl filter units

Warrington’s Own Buses has installed 86 AirBubbl units from AirLabs into the cabs of its vehicles to protect drivers from the risk of airborne...
Heavy vehicle test exemption

Call for one-year testing exemption for ‘highly compliant’

The difficulty of returning heavy vehicle testing to normal in the wake of a temporary halt earlier this year has been underlined by a...