Buses and politicians

Don’t let politicians keep buses to themselves

The main political parties have published their manifestos. Predictably, buses are mentioned. It’s necessary to ignore the fluff of politicians to form a picture...
Emission control zones

Will emission control zones ultimately be a benefit?

That coaches and buses are captured by emission control zones is a source of annoyance to many. However, look at it from the other side....
Judicial Review

Judicial Review may finally answer permit question

An end may finally be in sight to the legal saga relating to the use of Section 19 and Section 22 permits. The Judicial...
Minimum salary threshold

Proposed minimum salary threshold: Good or bad?

Whether the UK eventually departs the EU remains to be seen, but news that the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has proposed a £30,000 minimum...
PSVAR rail replacement

PSVAR on rail replacement: Change is coming

A legal opinion that PSVAR applies to virtually all rail replacement work stands to represent a major shake-up for many coach operators. While the...
CPT Coach Strategy

CPT Coach Strategy: Make your opinion count

Consider the used market for coaches. Some involved say it is slow; others say it is uncertain. The latter word applies to a lot in...
Clean Air Zone and ULEZ

Clean Air Zone coach compliance needs cohesion

Leeds City Council expects to allocate around £1.8m of grant funding to operators of non-scheduled coaches and buses to help them satisfy the city’s...
PSVAR on school contracts

PSVAR for school contracts: A real mess

News that Staffordshire County Council has removed the need for vehicles used on school contracts to comply with PSVAR by withdrawing the ability to...
Ask your staff if they feel valued

How valued do you make your staff feel?

Do your staff feel valued? That’s a question that only they can answer, but you have to ask them first. While some may be of...

Misguided PCN saga making a mockery of ULEZ

London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) represented the biggest legislatorial shake-up in years for some operators. It led to major upheaval in their long-term...
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Latest article

Specialist Leisure Group ceased trading

Shearings owner Specialist Leisure Group ceases trading

Specialist Leisure Group (SLG), which operates Shearings Holidays, National Holidays (trading as Caledonian Travel), UK Breakaways, Coast and Country Hotels, Bay Hotels, Country Living...
Manchester CAZ

Manchester calls for more CAZ funding as date slips

Greater Manchester has asked the government for additional money to support the upgrading and replacement of vehicles that will not comply with the region’s...
Mistral social distancing

UrbanThings wins grant to develop social distancing system for public transport

UrbanThings is developing its own social distancing platform to assist operators provide safer public transport during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, with the help of...