Are you weighing up replacement vehicles for your fleet?

See the difference a zero-emission upgrade could make in less than 5 minutes. The BetterFleet demo tool, powered by Evenergi and bought to you by routeone, allows you to quickly see potential emissions savings, range capabilities and ownership costs.

To use the free tool, select a zero-emission vehicle (only those available in the UK will show), your expected passenger numbers and estimated daily mileage. Despite minimal inputs the results generated do allow you to compare emissions, costs and range of your selected vehicle versus a standard diesel model. This tool accesses the robust data analysis used around the world by operators, local governments and authorities.

For a more detailed report, you can specify criteria including diesel and electricity prices. You can also customise the vehicle’s charging hours (peak or off-peak), its expected operating lifetime, and battery replacement intervals.

There is more to making the decisions and implementing change.

This comparison tool is easy to use as you research and gather data. The full BetterFleet platform can help you to plan the entire process – from vehicle and infrastructure selection through implementation and integration. Its powerful scenario planning capability can help you to minimise risk, identify optimisation opportunities and evaluate purchasing options using your fleet data. In depth analysis features include energy and infrastructure planning, route emulation, fleet data analytics, emissions forecasting, and future asset replacement. For more information and to request a demonstration, visit