Claire Haigh steps down as Greener Journeys CEO

Claire Haigh, Greener Journeys CEO

Claire Haigh has stepped down as CEO of Greener Journeys. The change will allow her to pursue a wider role in the decarbonisation of transport, with a further announcement of what that will entail set to follow.

Under Claire’s leadership, Greener Journeys has continued to promote the environmental benefits of switching car journeys to bus or coach and she has become a well-respected speaker on behalf of the industry

“2021 is going to be a critical year for the decarbonisation agenda,” she says. “All of our research has shown that buses have a pivotal role to play in decarbonising transport.

“However, we need solutions across the board for all forms of passenger and freight transport. Transport is the most polluting sector of the UK economy. Looking ahead to the COP26 United Nations Climate Change Summit in Glasgow, the UK will need to have developed a credible plan for transport.”

Confederation of Passenger Transport Chairman Martin Dean has paid tribute to the efforts made by Claire Haigh and Greener Journeys on behalf of the bus industry over the past 11 years. “We will always be grateful for her contribution,” he says.

“Through Claire’s use of carefully researched evidence and reach to a much broader range of stakeholders, she has promoted a compelling message. We look forward to continuing to work with her as she pursues a broader agenda of transport decarbonisation.”