Obituary: Roger Pownall

Roger Pownall, Chairman of Cogent Passenger Seating, passed away in July following a brief illness.

Roger acquired Cogent with wife Pauline in 2005, after joining as a ‘company doctor’ in 1996 to turn the business around.

Roger had been with Cogent since the beginning and oversaw its continual expansion. After guiding the company through the financial crash and the following decade, Roger mentored step son Rhys into the role of Managing Director following a quadruple bypass in 2017. Withdrawing from day-to-day running of the business, Roger took on the role of chairman.

After fighting what was believed to be a common cold, Roger passed away suddenly on 19 July after being taken to hospital by paramedics.

His family says: “Roger was the heartbeat of Cogent since 1996 but Pauline, Rhys and with the help of his other step son Gareth are determined to continue the work started by Roger to make Cogent his legacy.

“Doctors said he was good for another 20 years after the operation and he was determined to live every day as if it was his last. He enjoyed many wonderful holidays with Pauline and indulged in his passion for fast cars.”

A small family burial was held with donations in lieu of flowers sent to Help for Heroes via St James Funeral Home, Swansea.

Roger is survived by his wife Pauline, a son, and four step children including brothers Rhys and Gareth.