Braunability has four kinds of aluminium floors with features that set them apart

SpaceFloor is sold as a pre-cut whole floor. Quick to install with the right equipment, it can be delivered in halves for manual installation. Each of the planks is permanently glued together in our factory for perfect track alignment. 

Innotrax whole floor is delivered in halves, pre-cut or uncut. SpaceFloor beats Innotrax in installation speed. Innotrax floor planks are not individually bonded making plank alignment important. However, aligning Innotrax planks aren’t as time consuming as rails. 

Innotrax planks give you flexibility in vehicle choice and floor designs. With a few plank sizes in stock, you can build most floors in-shop. 

SpaceFloor can also be used for individual adaptations, however, your lead time will increase as you will have to factor in manufacturing and shipping from our plant.  

SpaceFloor is approved in combination with our Space Legs and TwinLock. Innotrax is approved in combination with our wide range of seat fixtures, tie-downs and occupant belt.