Giti launches a new all-position urban bus tyre

Giti Tyre has launched its next-generation, three-peak mountain snowflake all-position urban bus tyre, the Giti GAU867 v1.

Initial sizes include 275/70 R22.5, 295/80 R22.5 and 11 R22.5. The new tyre replaces the GAU861 and GT867 patterns and it is certified to meet legal requirement for safe winter performance.

The GAU867 v1 is designed for hard urban use, and it utilises the manufacturer’s latest casing construction that enhances mileage and handling and carries exceptionally high retreadability properties – a key market stipulator due to a short original lifespan.

Other developments include rubber reinforced sidewalls that protect the tyre from kerb damage and abrasions, and deep sidewall wear indications to show the correct time to rotate or demount the tyre.

A wide and robust tread pattern and advanced siping further reduce noise and improve passenger comfort against previous patterns.

Says TBR Sales and Marketing Director UK Tony McHugh: “Our original all-position urban bus tyres built a substantial customer base thanks to their exceptionally good wear in both the tread and the sidewall, and their retreadabuility.

“The Giti GAU867 v1 takes those benefits and amplifies them tenfold.”