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Alfatronix is the UK’s leading manufacturer of automotive and land-based wireless charging for desktop installation into tables, media benches and passenger seats. It offers 12/24v DC USB chargers, DC-DC voltage converters, AC-DC power supplies and low-voltage disconnect products.

Celebrating its 40th birthday in 2019, Alfatronix is based in Poole, Dorset. It is proud of its manufacturing capability and of its 64 employees in R&D, engineering, production and sales. The company says it is those who have made it into the successful business it is today.

Podsole: A versatile vehicle charger

Alfatronix is now pleased to announce the launch of Podsole. It is an elegant, versatile and rugged console offering wireless and USB charging simultaneously on a single printed circuit board.

Comprehensive protection is provided against dust and moisture ingress to IP65. That permits installation into any vehicle sidewall or seatback for both OEM and retrofit applications. As a result, Podsole “is a product for all,” says Alfatronix.

Podsole is designed and manufactured in the UK. Alfatronix has used the latest SMT to provide the compact, lightweight charging facility and non-slip phone holder.

Podsole operates on both 12 and 24v DC electrical systems without manual adjustment. It is a fully certified automotive product with customisation of different coloured non-slip buttons and branding.

This innovation will be making its way into the market on new vehicles for one of the major UK bus operators this autumn.

Demonstrated expertise in vehicle electrics and knowledge of automotive applications is at the heart of Alfatronix. It ensures the development of approved, fit-for-purpose products.

Its manufacturing capability not only provides the foundation to produce reliable products to short lead times, but it also manages supply to support branding, bespoke business, changes in the market and future technological innovations.

OEM or retrofit suitable

With experience of supplying OEM customers, operators and equipment suppliers for system integration, Alfatronix understands the importance of flexibility and compliant E-marked products for vehicle build and retrofit.

Whether you are installing 5v DC USB charging points, radio communications, data tracking, visual displays or navigation equipment, even the best product or the newest technology is only as good as the power supply behind it.

That’s why Alfatronix only uses modern, rigorously tested designs, automated assembly techniques and an award-winning quality manufacturing system backed up by expert engineering support.

Its flexible working practices and short lead times result in products that are delivered to customers quickly by reliable carriers.