Actia UK showcases telematics and vehicle networking solutions

Actia UK had on its stand a timeline of its innovations, CCTV solutions and multimedia tools.

One of the company’s biggest products this year was its Multiplex and Multimake coach, bus and truck diagnostics solutions.

Actia’s diagnostics tools cover systems for multiple suppliers. Its Multi-MUX diagnostic products are specific to supporting Actia’s UK manufacturers with multiplex wiring systems, which control multiple body functions such as doors, heating and lighting.

Launching early next year will be My Actia Fleet, Actia’s latest telematics solution. As well as common telematics tools such as eco-driving, driver training, tracking and telemetry, Actia says its strength with My Actia Fleet will be its use in conjunction with multiplexing, allowing more information to be transferred from the inbuilt vehicle networks.

Each solution is specific to each vehicle. The product has been launched with Transport for London (TfL) in conjunction with its Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) initiative, where a telematics ECU is fitted on the bus containing a map of London’s road network. Depending on the road, the system will restrict the vehicle to the speed limit. The system uses GPS and intelligent algorithms to communicate directly with the engine and restrict the throttle.

The system has been rolled out on three manufacturers: Wrights, Optare, and ADL, as well as different operators in London. It is approved by TfL’s Millbrook trials, and will permit further over-the-air telematics solutions when fitted to any vehicle.


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