Blackpool Transport delivers mental health and wellbeing training

New measures could improve mental health and wellbeing for operators’ staff and customers across UK 

Blackpool Transport is pioneering a scheme to raise awareness of mental health issues.

Working with charity Lancashire Mind and the campaign Time to Change, it is offering a mental and physical wellbeing training programme to both its staff and the wider community.

Lancashire Mind stresses that a supportive culture is essential to a happier workplace.

The operator, which employs 650 staff for its bus and tram operations in Lancashire, has recruited 70 volunteers to be wellbeing ambassadors in a community known as “Be The Shoulder”.

Confidential spaces have been created and colleagues are being made aware of issues faced by customers using the network such as dementia and hidden disabilities. Jane Cole, Managing Director at Blackpool Transport, says: “We are passionate about the mental, physical and financial wellbeing of our employees and our customers.

“By creating a supportive, open and honest culture we are striving to make our workplace environment better for each person.”

Blackpool is offering its training to any UK-based operators. It has already been offered to staff at Edinburgh Trams.

Marlene Pearson, Training Manager and Well-Being Ambassador for Edinburgh Trams, says: “We have been overwhelmed by the positive response of our team to the training delivered by Blackpool Transport.

“Edinburgh Trams is proud to be an employer that offers support to individuals in a confidential and non-judgemental environment.”

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