Automatic gearbox introduced for Ford Transit RWD

Ford has introduced a 10-speed automatic gearbox (pictured) for rear wheel drive Transit models that are powered by the latest 170bhp 2.0-litre EcoBlue HDT diesel engine. That includes 15- and 18-seat factory-built minibuses at GVWs of up to 4,600kg.

The manufacturer says the automatic gearbox’s efficiency and durability make it a viable choice for operators mindful of total cost of ownership and downtime. It works alongside engine stop-start technology and has been designed for challenging applications.

Ford add that the automatic gearbox’s 10 ratios allow the engine to consistently operate close to its peak efficiency. Adaptive shift scheduling gives optimum gear selection. The gearbox also delivers a generous towing allowance, with a GTW of 6,100kg permitted.

A patented low-viscosity transmission fluid minimises internal friction in the unit to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce component wear.

Factory-built Transit minibuses with the 10-speed automatic gearbox will be available to accredited converters through Ford’s Qualified Vehicle Modifier programme.

Supplier David Fishwick says it will order factory-built Ford Transit minibuses with the automatic gearbox for use as stock for its range of subsequently converted, upgraded or adapted models. Fishwick expects the automatic to be popular. It anticipates that September will be when the first converted examples are ready for delivery.