VDL steps up to 63 seats on two-axle Futura 2

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The two-axle FDH2-135 will become available with 63 seats later in 2018

The Moseley group of companies, importer of VDL Futura 2 integral coaches,  has revealed that it will be able to deliver the two-axle FHD2-135 with 63 seats from November.

The 13.5m coach is already available with 61 seats, but thanks to a impending weight reduction tied to the introduction of DAF’s next-generation MX-11 engines, that figure will increase by two on coaches specified without a toilet.

The three Moseley companies – South Elmsall-based Moseley (PCV), Moseley in the South in Taunton and Moseley Distributors, headquartered in Airdrie – are now taking orders for the 63-seat variant.

It complements 12.2m and 12.9m two-axle members of the FHD2 range.