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This free to download white paper on employment law provides guidance on coronavirus COVID-19 implications for operators. It covers the furlough schemes and business planning, along with information on employment contracts, pay, equal opportunities and family friendly law.

routeone has partnered with European law firm Fieldfisher to provide subscribers with a series of legal white papers. The papers provide guidance for key legal issues that operators regularly encounter.

Employment law has been a topical issue for operators in the context of the global pandemic. This white paper discusses coronavirus COVID-19 implications, providing guidance on the furlough schemes and business planning during this difficult time.

More generally, the white paper discusses the life cycle of the employment relationship, including formation of the employment contract, pay considerations, equal opportunities and family friendly law.

Fieldfisher is an award winning full-service law firm with market leading practices relevant to operators including employment, corporate, commercial, insolvency and litigation. Fieldfisher is also one of the only full service law firms in the UK that has a dedicated and specialist transport regulatory offering, with experts Andrew Sanderson and Elliott Kenton who specialise in acting for and advising PSV and HGV operators in advisory and contentious matters involving operator licences.

If you have any queries relating to the contents of the white paper or any other legal matters, you are encouraged to contact the lawyers at Fieldfisher who can offer you further assistance. Their contact details are available within the white paper.

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