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January 17 2018
By The Routeone Team

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Wrong intentions

As a teacher who has held a Category D licence for over 20 years, the safety of my students and other people is my priority, and I am pleased that my local authority tests all school minibus drivers every three years (though many schools are now academies, so they may not have the same standards).

If the Greater than 8 campaign was not just about generating business, the campaigner could have spoken to local authorities (both education and safeguarding), schools, school staff etc. and come up with a joint campaign.

The campaign would need to include a demand for funding to cover training costs since schools are suffering the most serious funding crisis that I can a remember – I have been a teacher for 30 years – see

If school minibus drivers have to hold a D1 licence, but there is no additional funding, then many schools will cease to use minibuses. Students will lose out on valuable education experiences and/or schools will rely on their ‘grey fleet’ vehicles e.g. teachers' cars.

It is far harder to check the maintenance standards of ‘grey fleet’ vehicles than minibuses under the school's care.

There may be a small number of schools that do not test their minibus drivers. Would these be less rigorous in following a robust ‘grey fleet’ policy?

I believe it would be better for transport to be provided by professional transport operators so that school staff can just worry about looking after their students, but with current funding that is not going to be possible.

While this campaign may seem a good idea, it does not seem to have been thought through and therefore does seem to be purely an idea to generate business for the campaigner's company.

Keith Nason

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