Nottingham City Transport takes over racecourse park-and-ride from council

Nottingham City Transport has taken over the park-and-ride operated from the racecourse into the city centre, increasing the frequency from every 15 minutes to every 10.

Previously provided by city council-funded Ecolink, the service is replaced by the Red 44, which already passes the park-and-ride.

The other areas covered by Ecolink will now be served by new NCT route 50, operating without subsidy.

The Red 44 service is operated with biogas double-deckers.

David Astill, NCT Commercial and Operations Director, says: “We have worked closely with Nottingham City Council to be able to offer a solution that maintains and improves the park-and-ride service at the racecourse and maintains the links to the industrial and retail parks to the east of the city on an entirely commercial basis.”