Bluestar bus named in honour of Solent Blue Line co-founder John Chadwick

Bluestar John Chadwick bus

John Chadwick, well-respected Southampton figure and co-founder of bus operator Solent Blue Line in 1987, has been honoured by its modern day successor, Bluestar, with a naming ceremony.

John passed away earlier this year. Now one of the operator’s route 18 buses will now be liveried with his name and run on a route close to where he lived.

“Bluestar is now one of the region’s leading bus companies, and we have John and his colleague Peter Shelley to thank for its existence,” says Bluestar Managing Director Andrew Wickham. “As the current custodian of Solent Blue Line’s successor, I am honoured to be attending the unveiling of this very special bus in the presence of John’s widow, Frances, and many of his friends and former co-workers.

“It is great to think that the bus will following a route close to where John lived. And it will be wonderful to see it transporting the many people who rely on this service across Southampton. I feel sure he would be proud of the progress we have made as a bus operator since his inspired decision to create Solent Blue Line 30 years ago.”

Solent Blue Line co-founder, Peter Shelley, adds: “John had a long and highly regarded career in public transport. When we met and set up Solent Blue Line, we both believed that by putting the passenger first we could build a thriving business which lives on in Bluestar today.”