DVSA to enforce tyre ban from February

DVSA 10 year tyre MoT fail

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has announced that enforcement of the 1 February 2021 tyre ban, which captures the front wheels of PSVs and commercial vehicles, will begin in February, and that operators should begin steps to ensure compliance now.

The new legislation covers England, Scotland and Wales and will affect tyres fitted on the front axle of any coach, bus or minibus, plus the rear axle of any minibus with single rear wheels fitted, and the front axle of goods vehicles with a maximum gross weight exceeding 3,500kg.

DVSA plans to enforce the legislation at roadside enforcement checks where prohibitions will be used in addition to through the vehicle annual test where tyres over 10 years old will be marked as a dangerous test failure item.

The tyre requirements for private coaches, buses and minibuses will also change and result in an MoT failure for affected tyres over 10 years old.

DVSA also warns that Traffic Commissioners may be notified of tyre maintenance issues which could be taken into account during Public Inquiries.

“This new landmark legislation will help to protect all road users against unsafe vehicles,” says DVSA Chief Executive Gareth Llewellyn. “Drivers, owners and operators are responsible for the safety of their vehicles, so we advise them to start checking the age of their tyres to ensure they’ll meet the new requirements.”