EcoLife CoachLine expands ZF’s full auto coach reach

ZF EcoLife CoachLine transmission

ZF has extended its fully automatic gearbox capacity in the coach sector with the launch of the EcoLife CoachLine transmission. It can accept the previously promised up to 2,800Nm of input torque, making it theoretically compatible with every engine variant currently available in the UK coach market.

ZF says the EcoLife CoachLine delivers a fuel saving of up to 3% over its predecessor. That comes via compatibility with engine stop/start. It adds that overall economy is heightened via optimised ratio spread and high mechanical efficiency. TopoDyn Life software control is part of the package to ensure that the correct gear is selected as topography changes, while a torsional damper in the torque converter permits high input torques at relatively low engine speeds.

Dr Jochen Witzig, who is responsible for transmission systems at the ZF Commercial Vehicle Solutions division, says that the EcoLife CoachLine suits applications from urban work to those involving motorways and mountain terrain.

He adds that the continued prominence of internal combustion engine power in the coach sector means that it is vital ZF focuses “on delivering ever-higher levels of fuel efficiency to help reduce emissions. EcoLife achieves this and so much more.”

ZF notes that the gearbox includes a dual cooling system enabling high levels of braking power from the integrated primary retarder for prolonged periods. Such protection against overheating means that oil change intervals on the EcoLife CoachLine can be as high as a claimed 480,000km.