Flexible social distancing on Air Decker service

Bath Bus Company has implemented flexible social distancing measures on its Air Decker service as it prepares for a rise in passenger numbers.

Precautions include signs on seats to advise customers where to sit, a request to wear face masks when possible and notices reminding people to respect the two-metre distancing guideline. All signage has been produced in-house.

Additionally, screens to protect drivers have been installed by Bath Bus Company on Air Decker vehicles and a reduced capacity of 20-30 passengers is displayed on the exterior. When it is reached in the driver’s opinion, ‘Sorry – Bus Full’ will be shown. Drivers also have access to disposable gloves, face masks and hand sanitiser.

The posted capacity to allow for social distancing measures represents around half the number of seats fitted to each member of the Air Decker fleet. “That gives the driver a degree of flexibility to decide when the bus is full,” says Bath Bus Company Managing Director Martin Curtis.

“For example, if a couple from the same household are travelling together, they can sit side-by-side. Individual passengers are asked to be apart. This is based on early experience of trying to be too precise in defining the reduced capacity.”

Mr Curtis adds that loadings are being monitored closely. “An extra Air Decker is in operation on journeys throughout the peak period, running alongside the registered service, to ensure that passengers can reach their destinations safely and to cope with additional demand.”