Ice Age arrives in the West Midlands


West Midland Safari Park has opened its new exhibition, Ice Age.

It’s the UK’s largest Ice Age exhibit, a £1.25m multi-sensory experience that allows guests to walk with 20 species of prehistoric beasts. It complements the Land of the Living Dinosaurs, which opened in 2015.

The majority of the life-sized mammals are animatronic.

Intimidating guests as they embark on their adventure, a ferocious smilodon will guard the entrance to the exhibit. Also known as a sabre-toothed cat, the smilodon is one of the most fierce and recognisable prehistoric animals, with canine teeth of up to a foot long to aid in precision killing. The

Neil James, Project Manager, says: “We are extremely proud of our new exhibit, which has taken over six months for us to create, install and complete.

“We have called upon international expert manufacturers and sculptors to create these magnificent creatures and their animatronic attributes, making them seem as life-like as possible.”