Irizar i6S efficient launched as ‘the coach of the future’

Irizar i6S Efficient
A new rounded front end will aid fuel efficiency

With promised reductions in fuel consumption and emissions of up to 13%, Irizar’s lighter and more aerodynamic i6S variant was unveiled last week. Is this another game-changer for the industry?

Irizar has unveiled its new i6S Efficient, a vehicle it describes as “the coach of the future.” The newcomer takes the established i6S model and introduces a number of improvements to deliver what Irizar says is a like-for-like weight reduction of 950kg. The i6S Efficient retains Irizar’s traditional design cues, but redesign work at the front and rear, and to the roof, has contributed to a reduction in its aerodynamic coefficient by 30%. A key element of this is a more pronounced curvature of the windscreen and the reworking of other front windows.

Irizar says that the combination of the weight reduction and improved aerodynamic coefficient will result in a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions of up to 13%.

Irizar i6S Efficient
The i6S Efficient looks set to stand out

Improved driver visibility

The traditional rear view mirrors have been replaced with digital vision cameras feeding through to two monitors in the driver’s cab. These modifications provide improvements in the driver’s direct and indirect field of vision. Standard mirrors remain available as an option although going down that route will clearly affect the claimed improvements to fuel efficiency. The driver’s seat has also been moved forward slightly, something that Irizar says gives “excellent space, magnificent comfort and excellent visibility.”

The rear exterior of the coach and the rear window, bumper, panels, covers and doors also have significant modifications geared towards achieving better aerodynamic efficiency.

While the changes reduce the environmental footprint of the i6S Efficient, Irizar notes that they also cut running costs and deliver increased luggage carrying capacity and passenger space.

Irizar i6S Efficient
Driver comfort has been improved

Reinforced structure

Weight reduction has come via analysis of every component in the vehicle and includes the use of high-strength steel and composite materials instead of traditional structural materials. The vehicle’s reinforced structure is said to improve its response to torsion, flexing and head-on collisions, as well as improving its passive safety.

Adding to the benefits of the new design, the weight of the vehicle has also been redistributed. The coach has completed extensive fatigue and durability testing.

A more efficient range of Hispacold climate control units features, along with a redesigned cab area. Efficiency is furthered by the new model’s connected architecture that includes remote diagnostics and self-diagnosis.

Irizar says that having the electronics in the central console means the accessibility of the controls and the virtual dashboard lets drivers interact with the vehicle and quickly obtain all the information they need and to access the entertainment and comfort system.

Connectivity systems have been developed by Datik and involve cloud storage of data and usage statistics relating to the coach.

Looking ahead, and in addition to being prepared for diesel, biodiesel, natural gas and biogas, Irizar says that the i6S Efficient is designed to be adapted to future zero-emission models. The new product will be available in two- and three-axle form in both DAF-powered integral format and as a body on Scania chassis supplied by Scania Great Britain. Length will be offered from 10.8m to 14.9m.

Irizar i6S Efficient
Digital rear view cameras are fitted as standard. Traditional mirrors are an option

Touring the UK this summer

Julie Hartley, Sales Manager with Irizar UK, told routeone that the i6S Efficient will succeed the ‘conventional’ i6S in the Irizar UK integral range with the standard i6 remaining available as an ‘entry-level’ executive.

“We have a 12.9m, two-axle, 57-seat, PSVAR-compliant i6S Efficient in-build as a demonstrator,” she says. “We’re planning to take that around the country in the summer to show to operators, and then to have it on our stand at Euro Bus Expo at the NEC in November.”

Irizar i6S Efficient
A 12.9m variant will be touring UK operators this summer

Lee Wale, UK Sales Manager with Scania Great Britain, says: “We’ve very proud to be working with Irizar here in the UK, building vehicles together since 1992. We are therefore very excited about the launch of the i6S Efficient. It’s a coach that we will be offering in the UK with the new generation Scania chassis that will be launched later this year. We currently have in build in the factory a tri-axle version of the i6S Efficient that will be displayed at Euro Bus Expo at the NEC in Birmingham in November. Customers will welcome the fuel savings that the combination of our new generation chassis and the i6S Efficient will offer.”