Lack of coach support indicates ‘rampant ageism’, says coach insurance specialist

McCarron Coates
Ian McCarron (l) and Paul Coates

Coach insurance specialist McCarron Coates has suggested ageism is a key factor behind a lack of government support for the UK’s coach sector.

The firm argues the ageing demographic of coach passengers – the vast majority of whom are over 60 – has proven of little concern to the wider public and government and this has extended to the sector as a whole.

Joint Directors of McCarron Coates Ian McCarron and Paul Coates say the government is failing older generations as the coach sector suffers.

Explains Mr Coates: “The government talks about its concern for those largely living in self-isolation and voluntarily shielding and yet is killing off an industry that could give them some safe escape, a chance to have a real life and something new to enjoy for a few days.

“It’s double-standards all the way and we have to believe ageism is at the heart of the total lack of support for the UK coach sector and the 42,000 jobs that rely on it.  There is no other reasonable explanation for the way in which the pleas of the sector are just continually waved away, when the Government is pouring millions into bus transport.”

Adds Mr McCarron: “It’s inextricably linked to a distinct lack of support for UK theatres – another pleasure for older generations.  We cannot help but view it as rampant ageism and, unfortunately, this discrimination against a sector that predominantly serves the retired and semi-retired is leading to the demise of the UK coach sector.”

McCarron Coates demands that Whitehall recognises leisure opportunities for older generations and is calling for pressure on finance companies to extend payment holidays to operators with ongoing deals.