Mango app by Trentbarton surpasses one million journeys

Tom Morgan showing the Mango app on his phone
Tom Morgan showcasing the mango app

The Mango app introduced by Trentbarton last summer has surpassed one million journeys, the operator has revealed.

Statistics show the app has been downloaded by over 42,000 of the operator’s customers and used to pay for more than £2m of bus fares since its launch seven months ago.

That equates to roughly a third of fare paying customers using Mango. Two out of three users are adults, over a fifth are young people aged 18 and under, while one in seven are students, according to Trentbarton.

“When we launched the mango app over last August’s Bank Holiday weekend we had high hopes that customers would quickly embrace it,” says Trentbarton Commercial Director Tom Morgan.

“To have now sped past the one million journey milestone during the pandemic is a huge achievement and shows that more than 40,000 customers were comfortable with switching to their smartphones for bus ticketing.

“The exciting thing is that mango has so much more potential for us to enhance what it can do for customers. Together with our customers we have pioneered a genuine world first way of paying for public transport.

“Our thanks go to our customers for taking this journey with us. It’s going to be a great ride into the future.”