Optibus partners with Ito World to improve service performance

Scheduler Optibus has announced a partnership with Ito World, a major SaaS solutions provider.

The partnership will make use of Ito World’s real-time data solutions, and combine it with Optibus’s optimisation algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Optibus says the partnership will enable “more reliable and efficient public transportation by enhancing insight into passenger journeys, route performance, driver behaviour, and more, using real-time data.”

The use of using real-time data will be key to the improvements, Optibus CEO and co-founder Amos Haggiag says. Ito World’s solutions underpin the Department of Transport’s Bus Open Data Service and have been rolled out with customers such as Google and Microsoft.

“The ability to draw insights from real-time transportation data is the key to delivering reliable, customer-centric services and improving operational agility,” explains Mr Haggiag. “We look forward to working with Ito World to bring real-time data insight technology to the market and to helping the industry improve operational performance.”

Adds Ito World Commercial Director, Andy Walker: “When transportation agencies and operators have access to sophisticated tools to derive insight from real-time data, they eliminate guesswork surrounding service performance.

“The increased transparency enables data-driven decisions that were previously unachievable, and paints a picture of customer and driver experience that is as close to reality as possible.”