Readybus and UKCOA work to help travel to Imberbus

Readybus will provide transport to Imberbus

Coach operator Readybus of Slough has stepped into a breach that had threatened access from London via public transport to the Imberbus charity running day on Salisbury Plain, which will be held on Saturday 20 August. 

That date now coincides with a planned rail strike. Imberbus organisers thus approached the UK Coach Operators Association (UKCOA) and from that enquiry, Readybus has agreed to provide a day excursion from Hammersmith. This year will represent the first time that coaches have been used to transport visitors to the event.

The operator is charging £30 per person, including an Imberbus ticket, and says it will add duplicate vehicles should demand require.

Adds Director Matt Clayson: “We are delighted to be able to assist at this year’s Imberbus event. With something for everyone, whether you are interested in buses and coaches, history or spectacular views, you can be assured of a great day out. We will have plenty of space for everyone and will put on duplicate vehicles if necessary.” 

Michael Meilton, a member of the Imberbus organising team, has thanked by UKCOA and Readybus for helping to head off difficulties in accessing the event. “We want as many people as possible to come and enjoy all that Imberbus has to offer,” he says.

“We are grateful to Readybus and UKCOA for coming to our assistance and providing a direct link to the event from west London, and we encourage everyone to come and join us on 20 August.” 

Imberbus has grown from a five-vehicle event in 2009 to one that now links various villages on Salisbury Plain, including the famous abandoned settlement from which it takes its name. It predominantly employs AEC Routemasters, with the Wrightbus New Routemaster also appearing.

Support is received from numerous bus operators from both within London and outside the capital, and in 2019, Imberbus raised almost £25,000 for charities by utilising 28 vehicles.