Team Pennine marks positive first year under Transdev

Transdev Team Pennine marks first anniversary

Transdev Blazefield has marked the first anniversary of its Team Pennine operation – the former Yorkshire Tiger business – by announcing that it has invested £2.5m so far in overhauling the undertaking “with more to come.” 

The owning group says that patronage at Team Pennine is currently at 90% of that seen by Yorkshire Tiger pre-pandemic. Much of the investment has been focused on vehicles, with what Transdev pointedly describes as “the tired-looking buses that came with the deal from previous owner Arriva with faded orange liveries and careworn interiors” being progressively replaced by more modern and refurbished examples that carry the pink-based Team Pennine brand. 

In the first 12 months, 63% of the inherited fleet has been replaced, ahead of Transdev’s initial promise of 50% over that period. A further 25% has been refurbished to what the new owneer describes as “as new standard.” 

38% of Team Pennine’s buses now satisfy Euro VI standards. Among those are the first new buses for Halifax in seven years, for the Calder Country network in and around the town. In total, five branded routes have been launched across the Team Pennine business. The change of ownership has also seen staff turnover reduce from 57% on day one to 12% currently. 

Says Transdev Blazefield CEO Alex Hornby (pictured, left): “The combination of our investment and commitment, plus the amazing human effort put in by our teams at Elland and Waterloo depots, has achieved the transformation of Team Pennine in a short space of time. 

“From day one, our new colleagues welcomed us with open arms, just as keenly as we welcomed them. Drivers, cleaners, engineers and duty managers continue to make it happen for our customers each day, and I could not be prouder of them. 

“Everyone at Team Pennine has played their part with professionalism, particularly as we navigated the change of ownership and direction during a pandemic.”