Sanders Coaches takes an accessible Plaxton Panther

Plaxton Panther for Sanders Coaches

North Norfolk based Sanders Coaches has added an accessible Plaxton Panther to its fleet, supplied by Alexander Dennis.

The 49-seat coach is built on the Volvo B8R chassis and will primarily be used to transport Norfolk residents with mobility needs to events across the country.

Features include a wheelchair lift, one permanent wheelchair space and flexibility to accommodate a total of five wheelchair users. A saloon level toilet, servery and audio-visual entertainment system are also onboard.

“We’re delighted to have added this high-quality, reliable and comfortable vehicle to our coach hire fleet,” says Sanders Coaches Director Charles Sanders. “We are committed to continued investment in our fleet and are pleased to introduce this fabulous new coach to our customers.

“ADL was superb to work with from start to finish on the design of this coach.”

Adds ADL Sales Account Manager Martin Dunleavy: “This vehicle is a quality addition to the Sanders Coaches fleet and we look forward to working with this long-standing family business in the future.”