Stertil Group acquires automotive testing solutions supplier Beissbarth

Heavy duty vehicle lifting specialist Stertil Group has announced the takeover of the business activities of automotive testing solutions supplier Beissbarth.

Beissbarth, which manufactures testing and service equipment for automotive workshops and OEMs, brings over 123 years of expertise in automotive testing solutions to Stertil Group’s fold. The latter says Beissbarth’s product range of testing and servicing equipment will complement and enhance the “total equipment solutions goal” that the Group has for the vehicle maintenance, service and repair industry.

The announcement follows the Group’s acquisition of Nussbaum Automotive Lifts in February 2022, which has expertise in automotive light duty lifting.

Each of the three companies will focus on their own segments and operate as separate companies with their own distribution channels. Under the Stertil Group umbrella, Beissbarth and Nussbaum will be given support required to tackle “the challenges and opportunities of both the current and future combustion and electrification development throughout the vehicle and equipment industries”.

Adds a spokesperson for Stertil Group: “The strength of the Beissbarth organisation is in its continued investment in research and development and working closely with leading best-in-class automotive manufacturers.

“The business also provides a valuable innovative product portfolio with exceptional quality and accuracy for technical inspections, service and testing equipment which, through connectivity, diagnostic and predictive maintenance, is future-ready.”