Transdev Blazefield £1 evening fare extended to end of 2021

Transdev Blazefield has extended a network-wide promotional £1 evening single fare until the end of 2021 as part of what it describes as “a package of measures” to increase patronage on its services.

The £1 fare is available after 1900hrs across Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Yorkshire. It was introduced in June.

Since then, the offer has contributed to a return of patronage that is above the UK average. The operator says that in September, customer numbers had recovered to 85% of pre-pandemic levels, which was ahead of the 75% nationwide average.

Adds Commercial Director Paul Turner: “We know that our buses can play a vital part in the North’s economic revival beyond the pandemic, and with that in mind, we created our £1 after 1900hrs fare deal to support the evening economy and to help everyone to enjoy travelling safely for less.

“We originally planned to offer the £1 evening fare until the end of September, and as it is clearly helping more people to return to the bus with all the benefits that brings to leisure-based businesses, we have decided to extend it through until the end of December.”

Transdev Blazefield is among several operators to have introduced a £1 evening fare. Others include various Arriva, First Bus and Go-Ahead subsidiaries.