Birmingham CAZ set for summer launch

Birmingham City Council has reaffirmed its commitment to introduce the city’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ) this summer.

If follows speculation that the CAZ would be further postposed.

The original go-live date was 1 January, but both CAZs in both Birmingham and Leeds were delayed following difficulties with the introduction of the government’s vehicle checker tool.

The tool has now gone live, but it is suffering from what a BCC spokesperson describes as “teething problems.”

That is understood to refer to it flagging as non-compliant some vehicles that meet the required standards. It is not known whether any coaches or buses are among them.

The BCC spokesperson adds that if a diesel vehicle satisfies Euro VI levels, it will be compliant with the Birmingham CAZ regardless of what the vehicle checker tool says.

“We remain committed to launching the CAZ in line with the previously stated estimate of summer 2020,” they add.

Further information on the Birmingham CAZ is available at a dedicated website.