EPM Insights platform rolled out at Reading Buses

EPM Insights introduced by Reading Buses

Reading Buses has worked with transport management systems specialist EPM Bus Solutions to develop and introduce a new business data insight solution called EPM Insights.

The platform provides bus operators with customised management information and it has enabled Reading Buses to move from the manual collection of data to the automated production of key business performance metrics.

EPM Bus Solutions Software Director Nick Brookes says the system delivers dynamic ‘drill down’ reporting from within existing platforms. That provides Reading Buses “with the tools to deep dive into its data and explore the reasons behind performance.”

Adds Reading Buses CEO Robert Williams: “We have traditionally invested lots of time collating static dashboard and KPIs manually. EPM Insights has provided us with one platform combining data from across the organisation, including operational, commercial and engineering departments, to give the management team actionable information.

“The solution quickly surfaces business performance issues in real time and it identifies the key areas on which to focus management attention, thereby providing more time to put in place the required interventions and strategies. That has supported the improvement of Reading Buses’ profitability and efficiency.”

EPM Bus Solutions notes that the EPM Insights product is particularly relevant currently as operators react to changes in social and work patterns and their impact on bus services.

EPM Insights website.