Camira launches StaySafe product for its seat fabrics

Camira launches StaySafe for its seat fabrics

Camira has launched StaySafe. It describes the product as “an advanced textile treatment befitting the COVID-19 age” that reduces the potential for viral transmission from Camira’s wool moquette fabrics in coach and bus interiors.

When applied to a fabric, StaySafe destroys viruses and kills bacteria, ensuring that upholstery does not act as a potential source of transmission. Camira adds that StaySafe suits coach, bus and minibus use.

The product works in three simultaneous ways to attract, attack and ultimately destroy a virus. It uses a combination of silver and liposome technologies. They first attract a virus, and then attack its membrane. That depletes it of cholesterol and allows the silver to kill it.

Says Director of Operations and Quality Amanda Heeley: “We’re extremely proud to bring this new textile treatment to our customers. As the product of rigorous research and independent testing, it is a true testament to the knowledge and expertise of our team.”

StaySafe has been independently tested to ISO 18184 and AATCC 147. It has also been determined to reduce viral activity on wool moquette fabrics by 97%. Testing and certification has been carried out exclusively on Camira’s wool moquette fabrics and StaySafe is thus available only on the supplier’s own textiles, Camira says.