National Holidays brand saved by Just Go! owner

JG Travel Group, which includes Just Go! Holidays and Omega Breaks, has acquired the National Holidays brand and database from the administrators of Specialist Leisure Group (SLG). The purchase will help the group to expand its presence in the north of England.

JG Travel Group says its National Holidays programme will use coach operators from the same regions that tours were delivered from previously. It aims to “take the essence” of the brand and replicate it, the Cheltenham-based group says in a statement. The initial National Holidays selection for 2021 will be announced soon.

Adds Chairman and CEO Luis Arteaga: “The addition of the brand will enable the JG Travel Group to become the leader in over-60s group travel in the UK, particularly for tours, events and theatre shows by coach.

“The value for money and diversity of products that the JG Travel Group brands will offer are unmatched by the rest of the UK travel industry. National Holidays will help us to grow our presence in the north of England and complement the already strong market penetration that both Just Go! and Omega have in the rest of the country.”

The product will be delivered by third-party operators, adds JG Travel Group Director of Product and Operations Paul Mason. “We will be working with a number of coach operators throughout the National Holidays sales regions. Some we work with already, but we will be very happy to hear from others.

“There is a big opportunity for coach operators here. The majority of National Holidays departures were operated by its in-house fleet, but we have no intention of owning vehicles ourselves. We like to work with coach industry professionals to deliver our product.”

Larger suppliers will be required to run some of their fleet carrying National Holidays branding, says Mr Mason.

SLG ceased trading on 22 May after the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic causes “a significant cash shortfall.” The Shearings brand, database and customer website were purchased by Leger in June.