The last four years will feel like a bad dream…


The High Court has just ruled that “it will no longer be possible for enforcement of EC Regulation 1071/2009 to be deferred”.

Nobody seems to have spotted the elephant in the room – that we are allegedly leaving the EU.

Why then are we enforcing its regulations about whether some community transport organisations require an O-Licence?

I fear this is something we shall all have to get used to. The first thing people will notice after we have ‘left’ the EU is that nothing will have changed.

We shall still be bound by ECJ rulings and still have to pay huge sums of money on demand.

It will be as though the last four years were nothing but a bad dream.

We are about to embark on lengthy negotiations towards a trade deal. If you think the last three years have been bloody, wait until you see the list of demands the EU will come up with before it agrees to anything.

Meanwhile, we shall continue to debate the meaning of its vague terms such as “non-commercial purposes” instead of sticking to our own precise ones: Hire or reward.