Alcoa Ultra One alloy wheel gets European launch


The Alcoa Ultra One alloy wheel has been launched in Europe by Arconic Wheel and Transportation Products. As the latest member of the Alcoa portfolio, it is lighter than its predecessors by up to 1kg, which the manufacturer says will reduce fuel consumption.

The new product is compatible with clip-on and adhesive balancing weights and with TPMS valve mounting systems. It is available with extra rim flange protection as Dura-Flange and it comes in all Alcoa finishes: Brushed, Lvl One and Dura-Bright.

Alcoa has used the strongest wheel alloy on the market – MagnaForce – to produce the Ultra One wheel. MagnaForce was invented by Alcoa’s experts. It is on average 17% stronger than the industry standard in similar applications.

Alcoa wheels are made from a single piece of forged aluminium. They are five times stronger than steel wheels.

The Dura-Bright treatment, which is popular with coach fleets, allows a brilliant shine to last even after years of use without the need for polishing. Regular cleaning with nothing more than soap and water keeps the wheel shiny.

The Alcoa Ultra One wheels are available through the official distributor network.