Improvements derived from CPT Tacho Analysis

Stanley Travel has reported improved driver monitoring and tighter compliance control after switching to CPT Tacho Analysis.

Developed by compliance software specialist TruTac in partnership with the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT), the product includes complete web-based instant digital and analogue tachograph analysis that is accredited as part of the DVSA Earned Recognition (ER) scheme.

The cloud-based system supports both EU and domestic drivers’ hours and rest time regulations, including the Working Time Directive.

It integrates with all remote downloading options and provides instant access to clear and concise compliance data, including manager and driver dashboards with KPI reporting.

That has allowed Stanley Travel to make comparisons against UK infringement levels – a key consideration when satisfying ER criteria

Compatibility with ER was one of the main reasons that Stanley Travel chose the system, says Director Andrew Scott.

“Every journey must run like clockwork – not only from a customer satisfaction point of view, but also in terms of efficient and legal operation. CPT Tacho Analysis plays a major part in achieving that, both through tighter control of key information and in terms of driver debriefing and journey planning.”