Changing a wheel: ‘In reality, it’s really scary’

I have just got back from a Caribbean holiday. As you do, going exploring the transport scene, and came across this driver taking full care of his customers at St. John’s bus station in Antigua and Barbuda.

The Toyota minibus has an offside outer rear puncture.

How to change the wheel?

First, make sure you have all customers on board. Can’t miss a fare.

Second, reverse vehicle onto a stone to raise wheels. I nearly said to him that a stone was hindering his reverse manoeuvre. Not knowing the next procedure.

Third, change wheel in a normal manner.

The large ‘T’ key at the rear is used to lower the spare wheel from the cradle.
Then carry on at speed presumably to make up lost time.
I was absolutely dumbfounded to see this action being taken, but the driver did take care of his customers even in 29 degrees.

Once his operation was completed, he reversed out and just left the stone. VOSA, what does that mean?

Hope you find this as amusing as I did, but in reality, it’s really scary.

  • Paul Ogilvie