Freeway integrates with Omnibus and Ticketer for greater fleet visibility

Freeway Fleet Systems has developed links between its fleet maintenance system and bus operational systems from Omnibus and Ticketer.

The Omnibus integration gives bus operators visibility of vehicles in terms of availability, outstanding defects, recently completed work and compliance status.

Operators can now plan routes and assign buses with full visibility of the status of every vehicle. This, Freeway says, makes it easier to plan operations with fewer last-minute changes to schedules.

The integration includes connection to Omnibus clocking-in terminals, allowing workshop staff to clock-in the same way as drivers and other staff do.

Meanwhile, the Ticketer integration allows drivers to enter their vehicle inspections directly into ticket machines.

The central fleet maintenance system is then automatically updated in real-time.

With data received automatically from Ticketer’s in-vehicle machines, defects are immediately flagged on Freeway for appropriate action.

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