Transport Door Solutions can help ensure your doors are in top condition

Should the door system fail to operate properly on your coach or bus, it can mean taking the vehicle off the road and out of service, so carrying out good door maintenance will ensure your vehicle is in good stead for its journey.

Consequently, should your vehicle doors have faulting issues or simply need a little update, Transport Door Solutions (TDS) can assist with most problems in relation to this.

TDS has been serving the coach and bus industry since 2006, and it believes it is the only remaining major UK door manufacturer, with experience in door design and servicing, trouble shooting, and door maintenance and training.

Its aim is to “provide an efficient and cost effective support service, with competitive and timely solutions to ensure operators’ vehicle downtime is kept to a minimum or avoided when door system issues occur.”

Visit TDS’ website, a top resource for coach and bus door part identification and other useful information.