Central gets the best of both worlds


Central Buses has invested in OmniTIMES and OmniBASE from Omnibus to speed up the processing of its timetables and schedules data, moving from manual schedules.

Central Buses says that Omnibus “offered the best of both worlds” in that systems are electronic but still require an element of personal input and expertise.

Jack Grove, General Manager for Central Buses, says the company took the decision while its fleet is still relatively small at 32 vehicles: “We wanted to retain ownership and control over the system, but take the monotony out of it.  Now we can make changes instantly and try out different parameters. We will certainly see cost efficiencies.”

Jack Grove, General Manager for Central Buses (left) with Richard Yeo, Business Development Manager for Omnibus

Central Buses has been undergoing Omnibus training and data input, with the system going live for the next schedule change implementation.

Omnibus provides passenger transport software – to timetable, schedule, staff, record, manage and publicise services around the world saving customers time and money.

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The extensive range of software is designed for public transport operators, Local Authorities or executives, and encompasses timetabling, scheduling and operational requirements.

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Omnibus provides the full service: from conception and design, through scheduling and publication, to management and operation.